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Getting a job today is thorny in the labor market, as there is considerable competition for a job.

Because there are so many crowds coming forward to apply for a job, it's very difficult for hiring managers to choose which one of them is fit for that job, as hiring managers don't have enough time to check the thousands of resumes they've received from those who want to get the advertised job.

We would like to emphasize the need to create a unique resume that will shed light on your skills, abilities and professional experience and draw the attention of recruitment managers.

A resume is the first step towards getting a job and walking towards your career, as it is the window from which hiring managers look to learn about your qualifications, skills and abilities through which you and others have the choice to get that advertised job and identify which is more efficient to get a job in the organization.

Therefore, a CV is the first impression that hiring managers get by browsing it. The first thing the hiring manager has to do is your CV and make sure it is tidy, coordinated and impressive to the reader.

In this article we will talk about the most important things that distinguish your CV from others, and the way you write a distinct biography, but before that let's get to know together the concept of a resume.

Resume definition

A resume is a document bearing your personal data in terms of name, address, phone numbers and email in order to make it easier to communicate with you if you are nominated for the advanced job, as well as the resume contains a special item for the qualifications obtained, as well as training courses.

In addition to having a CV section for the skills and experience you have gained, the CV is an excellent way to present a quick profile of your abilities, abilities and experience to recruitment managers.

How to make your resume special?

Applying for a job has become essential to provide a resume containing all your details and personal and professional data, so you must make your resume distinct from other resumes in order to be accepted for the advanced job and attract the attention of hiring managers

Here are some tips and basics to focus on while writing your resume, which you should include in your resume.

1. Write a resume in a brief, orderly and tidy manner

It is well known that it offers resumes to thousands of hiring managers and they have to choose from these biographies which is worth getting this job in addition to the time constraints to sort all these resumes accurately, so you should take into account during the writing of the resume show your skills, abilities and experience distinctively and highlight them with regard to abbreviation, and write the content of the resume in a simplified and coordinated way.

2. Resume free of spelling and grammatical errors

In addition to writing a resume in a concise and tidy manner, you must take into account the writing of the content so that it is free of any spelling or grammatical errors, because having an error while writing a resume can cost you the loss of the job.

3. Understanding the requirements of the job applied to it

Before you start writing your resume, you must be aware of the requirements to join the advanced job by browsing the company's website, reading the company's history and achievements, knowing what the company wants and highlighting these requirements within your resume to draw attention to you.

4. Talk about your results and impact

While writing your resume, you should take into account highlighting the achievements and experiences you have gained, your impact on working in the organizations you have worked in before, and the achievements you have achieved.

5. Write a distinctive cover letter

When submitting your resume via email, you must send a unique cover letter that presents your qualifications, experience and competence in a simplified way and explains your eligibility for this job.

Hope this helps you!

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